The Process

Whenever I start a new project, I consider these 3 main categories: the function, the design, and the cost. Starting out with these categories has helped me quickly develop a an overview of the final product. This estimation not only helps clients visualize the product, but also allows me to starting thinking about potential challenges I might run into. This allows me to communicate enough expectations for me to get started.

the Function
It’s not rocket science. Whatever I make has to do the job it was made to do. The challenges, however, come when you have to balance the design and the cost aspect.

the Design
I love this part of the process because I get to work with the client directly. I layout a starting point, but I generally go back-and-forth a few times with the client to finalize on the design. Scary, yet one of my favorite things to hear from the client is, “Surprise me!”
(I do get a ton of inspiration for Pinterest + other makers in the community).

the Cost
This is a tricky one (to some). I do my best to meet the client’s initial budget, but the reality is that they are usually a lot lower than what I could agree on. A classic example is when a previous client of mine could not understand why I estimated $250 for a cutting board when Target sells them for $25. It was my best interest to explain the difference between hand-made VS machine-made, detailed craftmanship VS high volume production, customization VS “you get what you get,” and I can keep going. But I stand by the quality of the products I make and offer as much service I can before, during, and after completion.

All that to say, trying to best balance out these 3 categories is my goal for every project. I’ve gradually curated this Process over the years, but I’m always growing and learning to make things better!